25m Multicat workboat

15m Aluminium bandstand canopy

22m Fishing trawler

24m Ro-Ro passenger ferry

14m Aluminium crewboat

Landing craft internal framework

Oil tanker pump room laser scan section

3D laser scan of Welsh farmhouse

Plywood assembly kit for Kings Cross railway station coffee shop area

16m round bilge steel yacht

FE Analysis of fish farm workboat crane structure

Machinery space laser scan and 3D as built model

Laser scanning at -25C in Svalbard

Deri Jones & Associates Ltd (DJA) have 18 years’ experience in providing laser scanning services to a diverse range of sectors. Working with our long-term partners at Geospatial Survey Solutions Ltd (GSS) on the Wirral, we have a combined experience of over 50 years in capturing, modelling and documenting everything from military aircraft to glaciers.

Our main system is a FARO terrestrial laser scanner which is ideal for capturing the Transit van and upward size projects we tend to get involved with. For larger projects, we can integrate total station survey control and use RTK GPS control points to tie into terrestrial grids and provide spatial context.

We have considerable experience in working with associate companies to integrate everything from sub millimetre scanning of airflow surfaces through to large scale topographic and drone flown photogrammetry.

DJA Laser scanning in figures:

  • 159 projects on 3 continents
  • 70 marine projects on over 120 different vessels
  • 35 heritage projects – castles, industrial heritage, ecclesiastical, old houses, canal tunnels
  • 24 Aircraft scanned and modelled for analysis
  • 21 Industrial and commercial sites – power stations, engine test cells, architectural steelwork, theatres
  • 8 Large vehicles for Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) and other analysis
  • 1 Glacier!

Contact Details

  • Deri Jones & Associates Ltd
  • Llwyngwyn
  • Forge
  • Machynlleth
  • SY20 8RR
  • T: +44 ‪(0)1654 214014‬
  • M: +44 (0)777 385 3237
  • E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.