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3D Laser scanning survey work in North WalesCross section through aluminium catamaran workboatWelcome to our user stories section. Here you'll find examples of some of the projects we've worked on over the past few years using our Laser scanning equipment. For more recent projects, please see the blog, where we highlight the more interesting of our work.

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3D Laser scan tolerance map of Kings Cross stationAssembly modules for Kings CrossDJA have worked with many architects since we started offering our 3D Laser scanning survey service in 2006. From recording listed buildings in the north of Scotland to capturing theatres in Leicester Square, we provide accurate as built data for re-design, dimension checking and construction. Working with our CAD systems, we can interface with many BIM solutions and have a proven history of innovative solutions.

We have also developed our CAD designed assembly systems for construction use. With more architects calling for curved and complex shapes, our 13 years of experience in the boatbuilding industry ensures that we can simplify and modularise construction, tying together design, structure and dimensional control to ensure that the project fits first time.

Underground Waterwheel3D Scan data from Roman sarcophagusDJA have worked on many heritage and archaeology projects, from Applecross in the north of Scotland to Tenby in south Wales. Working with clients such as English heritage, the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales (RCAHMW), National Trust for Scotland and National Museums, Northern Ireland, we have provided innovative recording techniques. Here are some of our stories, for others, please visit the blog.

3D Laser scanning Pelagic trawlers - ShetlandDJA have been involved with the world of marine engineering since 1998, developing assembly kits and since 2006 offering a 3D Laser scanning service to reverse engineer hulls, engineering and accomodation spaces to 3D CAd models for designers and Naval architects. Working with clients across the world, we have worked on vessels as diverse as high speed catamarans and HMS Victory, recording, modelling and supplying production ready data.

Aircraft interior laser scanningLaser scanning dock entranceDJA can provide a comprehensive laser scanning service for industrial applications. Starting at car sized objects and working up to power stations, we have recorded, modelled and reverse engineered a wide variety of subjects. With 15 years experience of CAD engineering and 7 years offering laser scanning services, we have a reputation for providing innovative, cost efficient and accurate solutions. Clients have included the RAF, DSTL, Eddie Stobart trucks and Alsthom power.

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