Aircraft interior laser scanningLaser scanning dock entranceDJA can provide a comprehensive laser scanning service for industrial applications. Starting at car sized objects and working up to power stations, we have recorded, modelled and reverse engineered a wide variety of subjects. With 15 years experience of CAD engineering and 7 years offering laser scanning services, we have a reputation for providing innovative, cost efficient and accurate solutions. Clients have included the RAF, DSTL, Eddie Stobart trucks and Alsthom power.

Interior scanning of BAE146-100 aircraft
Geospatial Survey Solutions Ltd and Deri Jones & Associates Ltd (GSS/DJA) have carried out a variety of 3D Laser scanning projects on both exterior and interiors of aircraft. Working with the FARO LS880 laser scanner, the team at GSS/DJA have supplied 3D data sets for a number of different purposes. Laser scanning provides a fast and efficient method of capturing the complex 3D nature of aircraft geometry and providing space claim and volume models. Clients include Hawker Beechcraft, producers of world leading business jets and Design Q, designers of bespoke aircraft interiors from many of the world's leading airlines.

Geospatial Survey Solutions and Deri Jones & Associates (GSS & DJA) were approached by Cummins High performance centre in Daventry to carry out a 3D Laser scan of an engine test cell at their plant to assist with their continual improvement 6 Sigma project.

Generator Hall
Drax power station is the largest coal-fired power station in the UK supplying 7% of the country's electricity needs. Alstom is a major contractor working with Drax Power and together they are keen to continually develop their technology, improve efficiency and lower emissions.

Deri Jones & Associates (DJA Ltd) and Geospatial Survey Solutions (GSS) were tasked with producing a 3D survey of one of the six steam turbines within the four hundred metre long turbine hall. Two days onsite scanning captured the required data to allow the production of a detailed 3D point cloud model representing levels and machinery spaces around the surveyed steam turbine.

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